All footage on these reels were created by Michael Swertfager in its entirety.

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Version 2.0 Oct 5, 2006

Below is the latest version of my demo reel.
(Note: the Quicktime video's are streaming, a download dely may preceed video plays)

720 x 480
25.1 MB

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720 x 480
58.1 MB

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720 x 480
17.8 MB

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All components we created entirely by me with the exception to the following:

  • The models of the Mickey Mouse scene. This was an oline lighting and texturing challenge, where the polygonal models were already provided.
  • The voices for "The Tell-Tale Heart" clips were hired actors for movie short.
  • The background music for the demo was created by the musical group Prodigy
Shot list for Reel v2.0Medium

Tools and Notes

Smoke3D CG

Maya 6.5, 7.0

Character and Hair (Edgar)3D CG

Maya, Photosop, After Effects, Audition, Premiere Pro

Fire Place3D CG Maya
Smoke Introduction 3D CG Maya (Fluid Effects)
Clock3D CG Maya (Fluid Effects)
Candle3D CG Maya (Fluid Effects)
Bee 3D CG 3d Studio Max, Photoshop
Chains breaking 3D CG Maya
Lady Sleepingcharcoal
Morning Salutephotography35 mm SLR
Other world (original/painted)matte paintingPhotoshop
Ode to Mickey3D CG

Maya, Photoshop
*models not created by me

Four Japanese Elements3D CG Maya, Photoshop
Making The Tell-Tale Heart3D CG Maya (Fluid Effects)
Environment Design2D CGPhotoshop
Edgar Reference Picturesphotography* pictures taken in 1800's, not by me.
Edgar concept design2D CGPhotoshop
Edgar Model and animation clips3D CGMaya, Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, Premiere Pro
Contact Info3D CGMaya (Fluid Effects)